Westbrook + DeYoung


Chance Protocols —

Westbrook + DeYoung began collaborating in print and book media as time-based art explorations. Their recent projects include exhibitions and expressive media platforms that embrace experimental modalities. Algorithmic texts and image sequences, cut-up collage and chance operations, communal collaborations, automatic writing and free association processes drive many of the underlying structures of these time-based ventures. For Odds & Ends 2018, the artists exhibit a collection of artist books, print folios, and a limited edition debut print release of Lookie-Lookie, a collection of artist essays and dialogs drawn from their quarterly web journal.


Lookie-Lookie launched in 2016 as a web platform for artist projects and inspired dialogs. To coincide with the journal’s re-launch in December 2018, editors and co-founders, Natalie Westbrook and Johannes DeYoung, release a limited edition imprint that collects content from the journal’s first two years. The book presents an embodiment of content that was initially designed for the web, featuring interviews, works, and essays by a range of artists. Participating artists include Martha Colburn, Johannes DeYoung, Kerry Downey & Ellie Krakow, Golnaz Esmaili, Jacob Feige, Alexa Lim Haas & Bernardo Britto, Christian Hendricks, Jackie Hoving & Norm Paris, Lisa Kereszi, Elizabeth Kinnison, Lourdes, Cheon pyo Lee & Razmig Bedirian, Caitlin MacBride, Sam Messer, Mike Rader, Deirdre Sargent, Britton Tolliver, Natalie Westbrook, and more.