Westbrook + DeYoung


Chance Protocols

Westbrook + DeYoung began collaborating in print and book media as time-based art explorations. Their recent projects include exhibitions and expressive media platforms that embrace experimental modalities of algorithmic text and image sequence, cut-up collage, communal collaborations, and automatic writing. Chance operations drive many of the underlying structures of these time-based ventures. For Odds & Ends 2019, the artists present a collection of artist books, print folios, and a limited edition print release of Lookie-Lookie, a collection of artist essays and dialogs drawn from their web journal.


Lookie-Lookie launched in 2016 as a web platform for artist projects and inspired dialogs. To coincide with the journal’s annual December publication, editors and co-founders, Natalie Westbrook and Johannes DeYoung present a limited edition imprint. Participating artists include Justin Berry, Martha Colburn, Johannes DeYoung, Kerry Downey & Ellie Krakow, Golnaz Esmaili, Jacob Feige, Rebecca Gilbert, Alexa Lim Haas & Bernardo Britto, Christian Hendricks, Jackie Hoving & Norm Paris, Lisa Kereszi, Elizabeth Kinnison, Lourdes, Cheon pyo Lee & Razmig Bedirian, Caitlin MacBride, Sam Messer, Mike Rader, Deirdre Sargent, Britton Tolliver, Natalie Westbrook, and more.